General collection of Armenian monuments

The Department of the General Collection of Monuments has about 30 years of history, two dozen of which are part of the Research
Centre for Historical and Cultural Heritage. On July 23, 2003, the previously formed state institution “Editorial of the General Collection of Armenian Monuments” was reorganized into the SN-CO “Research Center for Historical and
Cultural Heritage”. That is, the specified organization is the legal successor of the state institution “Editorial of the Collection of Armenian Monuments”.
Until 2021, the organization was called the Department of the General Collection of Armenian Monuments, then the compartment (branch), which since 2003 has been headed by the candidate for architecture, Koryun Ghafadaryan.
The department organizes expeditions and conducts field studies of the immovable monuments of the history and culture of the
Republic of Armenia, their documentation, preparation of articles, revision, preparation of measurements, and preparation and publication of the series “The Collection of Armenian Monuments”. Since 2022, preparatory work has begun on the publication of a part of the book in this series, which includes the Armavir region.
The completion is planned for 2024.