The Department of Restoration of Archaeological findings

The Department of Restoration of Archaeological findings of the Scientific Research Center of Historical and Cultural Heritage was established in 2002. It is one of the leading multifaceted activity centers of the Republic of Armenia with its logistical, professional, and research capabilities in the field of restoration, conservation and preservation of historical and cultural movable heritage. Three specialists were initially involved in the restoration of archaeological finds. Today, around 10 restorer-conservators are working, who regularly participate in international seminars, training courses, experience exchange programs with Armenian and foreign partners, mastering new methods and skills developed in the field of restoration of archaeological finds, being acquainted with modern materials and equipment.
The employees of the department mainly carry out the study, restoration and conservation of findings from the archaeological expeditions of the Research Center: pottery, glass, metal, stone, wood, bone and other materials. Along with the main restoration works, control and monitoring of the condition of the objects kept in the depositories are also carried out. Measures aimed at improving conservation conditions are undertaken and the processes of preparation for exhibitions organized by the scientific research center and other institutions, assessment of the state of conservation of exhibits, prophylactic cleaning or fixing, packaging, and transportation are coordinated.
An important part of the work of the department’s specialists is experimental, scientific-methodical, and educational activities. Restorer-conservators work in the direction of searching for new solutions to professional problems, materials and technologies, and their localization. Programs are being developed in the direction of collecting and compiling professional educational materials. Trainings, internships, familiarization courses, summer schools for students interested in the field, young professionals are implemented and organized.
Volunteers from Armenia and abroad (USA, France, Belgium, Iran, etc.) are involved in the work of the laboratory.
In the course of its activity, the Department of Restoration of Archaeological findings cooperates and continuously develops partnership relations with the restoration and preservation centers and departments of well-known foreign institutions, such as the State Hermitage (Russia), A.S. Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Russia), State Research Institute of Restoration (Russia), National Institute of Heritage (France), Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Assets (Japan), Saga University Faculty of Art and Regional Design (Japan), etc.