About us

The SNCO “Scientific Research Center of Historical and Cultural Heritage” carries out research and popularization of the Armenian historical and cultural heritage in the Republic of Armenia and foreign countries, state registration of immovable historical and cultural monuments and specially protected historical and cultural territories of the Republic of Armenia. The Research Center is preparing the documentation and certificates for the state lists, as well as the projects for restoration and improvement of protected zones. Our center carries out the preparation and publication of the “Corpus of the Monuments in Armenia” and the scientific journal “Hushardzan (Monument)”, as well as the creation and digitization of the scientific database and archive of the Armenian historical and cultural heritage.
The Center carries out excavations of endangered historical and cultural monuments that are in the process of restoration in accordance with the law, as well as for the preparation of projects for the restoration of monuments.
To perform the above functions, the research center has relevant departments staffed by experienced specialists. Today, the center is making efforts to attract young specialists to these projects.