The cemetery of Mirak

Mirak village is located seven kilometers to the north of Aparan village in Aragatsotn Region. Between the villages of Mirak and Melik is located the “Halavar” reservoir. On the northern bank of the reservoir archaeological rescue excavation works have started by the Scientific Research Center. The archaeologist Meline Simonyan carried out excavations in two looted tombs.
The first of the tombs was multi-layered, and it dates back to the Early Bronze Age.
During the Iron Age, the cemetery underwent a secondary use. In the excavation of the first tomb, many complete bones of horses, oxen, sheep, and more than 300 small beads were found.
Under the cover (slab) of the second tomb, there was an empty area of 30-35 cm, and below it, 40 cm of thick black soil and white limestone traces. In the northern part of the mausoleum, next to the wall, traces of fore-wrist bones with a pair of round bracelets, white objects resembling playing stones and having a different number of grooves (from three to eight) were found, and in the western part, in one row, 5 clay vessels, three jars and two jugs.