The excavations on the territory of the Sanahin monastery complex

In the autumn of 2021, the Scientific Research Center conducted archaeological excavations on the territory of the southeastern group of monuments of the Sanahin monastic complex in the Lori region of the Republic of Armenia (archaeologist: Arman Nalbandyan). Excavations continued in 2022.
The work was mainly carried out in the area of the Zakaryans mausoleum. The area around the structure, the interior and the second floor were cleared, excavated and examined. To the north of the structure, on a section of the road, slab graves, foundations of pedestals, a hearth-oven, etc. were uncovered, and on a section of the road between the churches of St Hakob and St Harutyun, a number of flat and with two slopes of tombstones, two of which had inscriptions. Among the findings, glazed tiles in green, brown and turquoise shades, dating from the XII to the XIII centuries, and fragments of thin ceramic vessels with a polished and shiny red surface, attract attention. The most significant objects found during the 2022 excavations at Sanahin are the sculpted, half-shield pediments that adorned the fronts of the half-tubular tiles.